Should a manager participate in Casual Friday dress code?


    I am a team lead in a large company in the US. I have 15 direct reports. We do not interact with external customers. Our dress code is business casual. Very recently, Casual Friday was introduced. This means we are now allowed to dress in jeans, polo shirts and sneakers (these items are excluded in our definition of casual business) on Fridays.

    I personally prefer a dressier style, but as a team lead, should I make it a point to dress casually on Fridays? Or, from another perspective, if I do not dress casually on Fridays, am I sending an unintended message to my team? Am I overthinking this?

    I am not asking about the pros/cons of Casual Fridays. I am interested in whether I should be conscious as a team lead such as not to discourage people from the Casual Friday.

    I have seen this question Can it be harmful to dress more formally than what the dress code allows? – however, I am interested in the influence from the manager’s perspective on direct reports.